The Little Bird Man

The Little Bird Man.

He could only be seen by the unconscious eye. I saw him once, in the early afternoon whilst writing at my desk. My desk faces the window and I was gazing up at the sky above the rooftops and over the antenna that obscured my total vision. There he was, at first a bird then transformed in the blink of an eye; into a small figurine of a man. He gently glided to the support wire of the house opposite and perched for a while. He was small and only a delicate silhouette, like a fairy. In a second he was gone, soaring back up into the sky. It’s as if he appeared to tell me something. Was I looking for somewhere to perch? Was I eternally floating in the sky ? Was he an omen? Was the little bird man trying to remind me that I still had the gift of seeing beyond the veil between worlds?

Copyright. © 2021 Lucy Jane Lilley

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