Alice in the Jungle: A magical journey across Central America

“My mother would say, ´You can´t put a butterfly back into a cocoon,’ but I´d always return, eventually”.

Chapter 1: The poisoned apple tree, Alice in the Jungle

If you were Alice what would your adventure be? Follow the author through the magic tunnel of social media to the reality of the unpredictable jungle world and beyond.

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As one world crumbles, she finds herself pulled into a totally different one; a bizarre Central American Wonderland of wild jungles, deserted islands, and sea voyages. Her adventures are filled with twists and turns, strange characters, and unfathomable events. See through the author’s eyes as she gradually hatches from her self-made cocoon and surrenders to the transformative powers of her journey. Will she land safely on her feet or be lost to herself forever?

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