Canton boys on the court

Kiss the pavement and see the cracks in the road

The city’s lined with painted steel

It´s a blue sky

And everyone’s out dressed in yellow and red

The boys are calling out my name

I don´t notice, I just stare straight ahead

When will this road end? 

Today I´m just walking with a head full of my own world

The boys are balling behind the high net

Faces rapid, laughing, smiling, holding back

I´m smoking another scrounged cigarette

They don´t notice anything strange

Just another day on the court, bouncing on the tarmac

All dressed in soft grey tracksuits

Hooded, moving like cheaters

Aiming to tag their prey, they could stay another day

Nothing changes

Different worlds stare opposite, across from the street

Nothing more said, No more notice taken of me.

Life looks simple over there.

The boys cushioned behind the net that divides our worlds

You´d never catch me in there. I don´t play basketball.

Crashing of the net. He jumps over to my side, chasing after a rolling ball.

Stopping the cars, he scoops it up. 

Satisfied with his catch, he goes back over the net.

Everything restored. 

Now back to the game

I stand staring at empty boxes

Copyright Lucylilley 2021

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  1. La normalidad a veces aprieta,
    y entonces se ven las grietas de la realidad,
    y si te atrevés a dejar de perseguir la pelota…y te fijas en las redes que tejen nuestro mundo…te intentán llamar para que juegues…para que sigas jugando…
    Pero tú ya vas fuera de juego, te pierden de vista y volver, a veces, cuesta como toda una vida.

    En resumen, es inspirador, y en él me reconozco como si fuera mio. A nuestro modo hacemos cosas nuestras las de los otros, y eso nos vuelve por fín…comprensibles.

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